A lot of the material in this dictionary was sourced from De Bhaldraithe with the kind permission of the publisher An Gúm. The definitive English-Irish Dictionary by Tomás De Bhaldraithe is currently the best source of correct English-Irish translations. I wish to thank Foras na Gaeilge for their help and advice and the Coiste Téarmaíochta who provided me with lists of modern terms.
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About This Dictionary

The focalbeo dictionary is the product of several years of comprehensive research. At his stage itbis a comprehensive and definitive English-Irish-English Dictionary. It consists of an English-Irish dictionary and a reverse Irish-English dictionary that work together to provide fast and accurate Irish language translation.

It is primarily intended for use on mobile phones and it is an invaluable utility for people with a reasonable knowledge of Irish. As the screenspace on mobile phones is limited in most cases it is designed to appear clear and uncluttered on these devices. It works on all mobile platforms and on PCs/Macs. This dictionary was designed and built from the ground up and it innovative in many respects.

I have included grammatical help in most of the dictionary. Most people using this dictionary would have a basic knowledge of Irish grammar and syntax. I have included numerous contextual hints in English and explanatory sentences where necessary. The dictonary can be used to cross-reference any words by selecting them and searching. You can basically zip from word to word.

The dictionaries contains a total of 198,291 headword translations and the total amount of words is well over 1.2 million at present. The dictionary contains all modern Irish words and terms, The dictionary also includes acronyms, Irish names, Irish surnames, Irish placenames and the names of many GAA clubs.

The desktop version of the dictionary can provide pop-up tranlations for words in text document by just hovering the mouse over the word.